Best Party Ever

by Harrie Bradshaw

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You have been cordially invited to the best party ever

I just sent an event invitation
Click the “Join” button to complete the equation.
Tonight is the night to have a whole lot of fun
Let's go to the club and not talk to anyone (not talk to anyone)
Drinking my whiskey. You're talking bout stuff
But I gotta check my Facebook, tumblr, and Scruff
I'm listening. I'm listening. I'm totally listening.
Woof woof, Tweet tweet, Poke poke, Repeat

Hey there. Hey everybody.
Phone + Hand = Party!

It's the best party ever
Posting, texting, it's perplexing
Best party ever
In a line, all the time
The best party ever
Ignore your friends til the music ends
Best party ever (2x)
Put the phone down, turn the music up
Stop woofing at me, I don't give a fuck...It's
It's the best party ever!
Best party ever!
The Best party ever!

(Verse 2)
Look, I ate an egg that was basted.
Now let's go get totes white-girl wasted
Let's have some fun shots, and we'll all go “Woo!”
We'll stand in the way, and tweet shade about all of you.
Taking some selfies, and then a couple of us.
Hashtag we're besties! Let's do more shots.(Yeah!)
(spoken) I want something fruity, strong, but not a lot of liquid.
Fruit fruit, cheap cheap, yum yum, not weak!

Hey there, Hey everybody.
Phone + Hand = Party!


Certain parties have party games
If it's not Plague Inc. well that's just lame.
Taking lots of pictures of my food ain't dumb.
Compared to conversation, it's a lot more fun
Candy's a party game
Angry Birds... a party game
Who needs a man, when you've got a phone
It's called Grindr, you're never alone.

Hey there. Hey everybody.
Pull out your phones and let's have a party.


I have one thing to say.
Put your fucking phone down.


released February 17, 2015
Written by: Harrie Bradshaw
Produced by: DJNB



all rights reserved


Harrie Bradshaw Saint Paul, Minnesota

Minneapolis Drag Thing doing what she wants. She also might be drunk right now.

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